New Cadbury advert. Newest breakthrough sound. If you haven’t heard about grazhdanskaya oborona, go get a life somewhere else.

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  • 🙂 sorry for such aggressive tone in my answer. sort of bad day — some
    TVC’s rejected, holidays Saab Cabrio test-drive cancelled. the description
    is a part of teasing strategy which has forced your reaction. see ya man.

  • this is local russian sounding of the commercial, if you haven’t understood
    that. so you can shove your offensive comment right into any your hole.

  • Ha ha. Fair enough. You should have put a better description then. Just
    sounds like crap music to a good video. Nice english by the way. LooooL

  • that is so shit I think ud best go get a life u fucking shit head. what the
    fuck is that shit music you fucking monggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg