x.264 MPEG-4 AVC 640×480 4:3 PAL) Civil Defence — In The Beginning Was The Word «One Hundred Years of Solitude» solo album Egor Letov.

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  • As drove a log, — on seven horses,
    Through the eye of a needle, by distant wormy grounds.
    Through hypnotics fogs, Through stray dry forests,
    Through uncouth villages, behind blind and acid rains.
    Through mushroom waterfalls, Through deaf bottomless fields
    Through friable rock mountains, Through smelly mouths of gapers
    On the duckboards, on the alarming fussy foliage
    On the underpass, at blubbered pimply cheeks.

    In the beginning was the word…
    In the beginning! — was the word…

    — All words, — a bullshit!