I have NO idea what the lyrics are about, but if they’re anything as good as the song . . . From the Fuckups’ second album, Sto Let Odinochestva, and one of …

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  • not only was he one of the leading underground song writers and composers
    in the post Soviet era — I’d say he was around long before the USSR broke
    up… anyway, yeah his lyrics are mostly based on rational/irrational
    philosophy or thinking… actually, very emotionLESS but driving into some
    special understanding of the reality.. gotta be Russian and Russian native
    speaker to get it, actually

  • if you like this band, I could translate to you some songs. Can speak
    english and russian pretty well. Just send me a message in case you need
    some info and translations).

  • 2) Twilights and gods have plodded into their corners, A yawn has split the
    horizon into halves, Hour after hour, Year after year, Century after
    century We’ll be getting used to it We’ll be getting used to it

  • If you’re still around I’d like some too, I love this band.

  • ou’d probably want to check Egor’s main project Grazhdanskaya Oborna
    (Гражданская Оборона), translates as Civil Defense. There are around 18
    albums of the stuff. I think, you’d really like these two albums, if you
    like the «fuckups» project:

  • 1) GETTING USED TO IT Was it “serving us right”, Or was it sending us home,
    Or maybe was it “good riddance!” Or maybe something else? Just like stones,
    Just like roots, Just like worms – We’ll be getting used to it We’ll be
    getting used to it.

  • hmm… doesn’t let me put the links in the comment , although they’re are
    available online for free download. I can send you some info, if you give
    me your email

  • /watch?v=tOsDzCgl73M&feature=related Grazhdanskaya Oborona — on uvidel
    solntse / He has seen the SUN

  • Sorry, no good translations that I know of and I’m not good enough with
    words to translate myself.

  • Egor was an interesting person, quite a character actually. Famous in
    Russia, though little known outside of the country (btw, i wonder where and
    how you found out about him ? :). Really intelligent guy, a fiercely
    non-conformist thinker, poet with punk/absurdist/dadaist/surrealist roots
    and extensive psychedelic drug experience to beef up his resume, lol. I did
    a quick translation of the song, will post it now.

  • 3) Something white and blind Now lives in my chest, Maybe blizzard, maybe –
    moths, Maybe all that is ahead Maybe it’s thirst Maybe it’s noontime Maybe
    it’s soot We’ll be getting used to it We’ll be getting used to it

  • Oh, I can asure you, mate — the lyrics are fuckin awesome. Egor was known
    to be one of the best poets in post-soviet underground scene.

  • Awesome—are they around at all? I guessed as much from what I’ve heard
    about him.